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Indigenous and Women of Colour Rise

Updated: May 20, 2019

Celebrate International Women’s Day with the powerful feminist voices of Dominique Christina, author and two-time slam poetry world champion, and Cherry Smiley, warrior hero, feminist activist, scholar, and artist from the Nlaka'pamux (Thompson) and Dine (Navajo) nations.

The evening program will inform, educate, empower, inspire, and strengthen our spirit for the injustices we face: male violence, objectification, sexual exploitation, and racialization.

The event will take place at the world-famous Seattle Central Library in downtown Seattle, Washington, and is being organized by Asian Women for Equality and Fertile Ground Institute for Social and Environmental Justice.

Listen to the Feminist Current Podcast about the event


Asian Women for Equality is a grassroots feminist  group. We work as a progressive force to change societal attitudes towards women, especially women of Asian descent; to advance equality  for Asian women; and to create opportunities for Asian women to have  meaningful participation and to take leadership roles in civil society.  Asian Women sees prostitution as a form of male violence against women  that can be eradicated.

Asian Women for Equality's membership represents a  range of life experiences common to Asian women, including prostituted  women, as immigrants, naturalized Canadians, permanent residents,  temporary residents, foreign students and Canadian-born offspring of  Asian immigrants to Canada.


Fertile Ground Institute is a non-profit working for ecological and social justice. We provide education to develop smart, effective leadership and organize events that bring together seemingly disparate movements. We also support groups with similar goals by providing fiscal sponsorship and consultation.


Here is our fundraiser page:


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Abolishing Prostitution in favour of women's equality and liberation

Human trafficking and prostitution entrench racism and sexism. We are working to abolish prostitution which we see as a form of male violence against women. Prostitution entrenches racism and multiplies the effect of sexism on all.

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Guaranteed Livable Income (Basic Income)

Women experience social,

economic and political inequality that is compounded by the deep demand for our  unpaid labour. A feminist guaranteed livable income (also called a basic income) is a step that can allow many women better opportunities to be self-determining and allow more of us to participate meaningfully and with power in society.

Seeking Justice for the Comfort Women

Women bear the brunt of war and militarism. We seek justice for the Asian women and girls taken from their homes in order to provide sex to soldiers during World War II. This justice must take into account the brutal harm caused by currents wars, military bases, and other armed conflicts.